It was the month of March and I was visiting Dublin, Ohio. One late afternoon I decided to go for long walk. I love going for long walks, but this time something special was in store for me.

I came out of the hotel and walked to the street leading to the main road. At the main road crossing, I surveyed both the directions and chose to tread along the road with less traffic. I kept walking and at every fork and crossing, I chose the quieter path. I was enjoying the quiet of the place, the gentle breeze and the change of scenery. I was getting lost in the natural beauty around me. My mundane life was fading away. My life felt brand new in the moment – alive with refreshing energy; past was a mere story. With every footstep, I felt connected to the earth. I felt connected to the world yet not attached. I felt loving yet free flowing. Here was my home and where ever I would be put, would become my home. I kept walking.

At the next crossing, I saw numerous speeding cars and a car emitting black smoke passed me by. Previously that would make me cringe and cover my nose to avoid inhaling the toxic smoke, but in that moment I felt safe as if protected by an invisible shield. I knew no harm could touch me. I felt light and peaceful and a great sense of harmony, connectedness, and safety came over me.

I walked further and further away from the busy streets. I could see single-storied buildings and empty roads lined with trees. I felt an undeniable connection with these trees. I felt these trees were my family and there was no difference between them and myself except our form. Our essence was the same and we shared the same energy field.

I felt a deep reverence for this family and every living being is a member of this family. I realized the reason we feel separated and judgmental is because our minds are too full to realize the subtle yet undeniable connection with everyone around. I realized it is of utmost importance to be authentic, to treat mother earth with care and to live in harmony with the members of our family i.e. to be loving to our self and everyone else. To this end, we have to strive to keep her as pure as we had found her when we had arrived.

That day I felt I had to change my ways of living and that’s what I tried to do when I came back to my home in California. I now try to waste less, recycle more, buy organic food and clothing, buy objects made of natural materials, abstain from killing animals, buy fewer animal products, avoid hurting plants and be thankful for whatever I have been provided. I believe everyone should do whatever they can to show their love and respect to their true family, for we would not survive a day without this family. Apathy is the result of ignorance, connectedness is our truth.

View from the main road
Detour from the main road

– Alka Grover

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